Dr. Badmaev Tradition - Adaptrin

  • lowers stress levels
  • sharpens memory
  • overall energy and alertness,
  • promotes an increased general subjective sense of well-being.*
  • supports cardiovascular health and immunity.*

Product form: Capsule
Size: 60 Capsules
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Decades of Clinical Research Adaptrin (formula No. 28) is perhaps the most scientifically researched herbal combination known. Over 35 years ago, the first peer-reviewed study was published and since then, numerous clinical trials have confirmed that Adaptrin promotes cardiovascular health, supports a healthy immune response, and helps regulate a natural inflammation response.* In the past three decades, basic science studies also verify the botanical and mineral ingredients in Adaptrin are rich in antioxidant and free radical scavenging flavonoids, a source of multiple health benefits.*

In 5 peer-review published research studies using the Adaptrin® formula, there were no reported side effects and no known interactions with drugs, foods, or other dietary supplements.* The combination of herbs in Adaptrin promote energy and healthy circulation. This primary action is complemented by herbs that support the immune system and maintain a healthy inflammation response – both of which are linked to cardiovascular health and optimal aging. Regulation of digestion with herbal ingredients in the Adaptrin formula is a hallmark of Tibetan medicine. According to the precepts of Tibetan medicine, an unbalanced digestive system is a common denominator in most health concerns, and optimal wellness should start with regulating these imbalances.*

Adaptrin is composed of natural camphor, calcium sulfate, and includes the following herbs: Lichen islandicus moss (Ach.) Iceland moss, Costus amarum root (C.B. Clarke) costus, spiral flag, Melia toosendan fruit (Linn.) neem, Elettaria cardamomum fruit (Malon.) cardamom, Pterocarpus santalinus wood (Linn.) red sandalwood, Terminalia chebulae fruit (Retz.) myrobalan, Amomum medicinalis fruit (L. Merrill) Jamaican pepper, Aegle sepiar fruit (L.Raffin) hardy orange, Aquilegia viridifolia leaves (Linn.) columbine, Plantago lanceolata herb (L.) ribwort, Glycyrrhiza glabra root (Linn.) licorice, Polygonum aviculare herb (Linn.) knotgrass, Potentilla aurea herb (L.) golden cinquefoil, Eugenia caryophyllata fruit (Spreng Wild.) cloves, Hedychium spicatum root (Ham ex. Smith) gingerlily, Sida cordifolia herb (Linn.) heart-leaved sida, Valeriana officinalis root (Linn.) valerian, Lactuca sativa leaves (Linn.) lettuce, Calendula officinalis flowers (Linn.) marigold.

Take 3-6 capsules daily or as recommended by a health-care practitioner.
Servings Per Container: 30

Due to regulatory concerns, but also because historically the homeopathic monkshood in the Adaptrin formula has not been essential, this ingredient is not present in the current formula. These components are blended according to standardized protocol into uncoated tablets with a distinctive taste, since traditionally the action of the formula starts with interaction with the taste buds. The entire formula was subject to sequential extraction and evaluation of the chemical constituents using highpressure liquid chromatography(HPLC)***.