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  • Clears and Disperses Heat in the Lungs, Resolves Toxic Fire in the Lungs, Calms the Spirit, Quiets and Opens the Heart, Nourishes Yin and Generates Fluids.

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Product form: Capsule
Size: 90 Capsules 600mg
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TobacOff has been designed specifically for use during smoking cessation. It assists in reducing the dependency on and craving for tobacco, and clears the heat in the lungs that cigarette smoking creates. Both Yu Xing Cao and Shan Dao Gen work directly on the Lung, strongly clearing Fire and Toxicity, and providing a descending and dispersing nature. Combined, they help the Lungs repair and heal. Yuan Zhi calms the spirit, quiets the Heart, and opens the Heart orifice. White American Ginseng is a powerful and deep Qi tonic, and nourishes the Yin and Nourishes Fluids, dried by the hot, dry effects of smoking. Cigarette smoke will be made distasteful. For some individuals, nausea may be experienced if smoking is continued. During smoking cessation, individuals often develop nervous, jittery feelings while they are eliminating nicotine from their system. If this occurs, use JittersAway in conjunction with TobacOff during this period to calm these jittery, anxious feelings. This will make this transitional period more comfortable and more successful.

Tobacco addiction;Smoking withdrawal;Habitual smoking

Do not take during pregnancy.

Calms Shen and Expectorant For Lungs    Polygala root Yuan Zhi Clear Wetness and Heat From Lungs    Houttuynia leaf Yu Xing Cao    Vietnamese sophora root Shan Dou Gen Tonifies Lung Qi and Calms Shen    American ginseng root Xi Yang Shen

Start program by taking 3-4 capsules before bedtime on the first day. The following days, take 3-4 capsules one hour before meals. Maintain this dosage until tobacco cravings subside.

Do not take during pregnancy.